About Greenstreets

For over 10 years Greenstreets Environmental Resources has been working with clients in Ireland, UK, Europe and Australia to help them achieve and exceed their environmental compliance and reporting obligations.

As legislation developed in Ireland, Europe and the UK, Greenstreets expanded its consulting portfolio to provide advice on a range of waste streams, including Packaging, Waste Electronics and Electrical Equipment (WEEE), End of Life Vehicles, and Waste Batteries.

In Australia, Greenstreets has assisted a range of companies, including a number of top brand businesses, to meet their compliance obligations under the Australian Packaging Covenant.

From April 2017, Australian services will be provided by Environmental Compliance Solutions (ECS). ECS is an Australian company setup by Greenstreets founder and our former colleague David Darcy. You can contact David Darcy, CEO, Environmental Compliance Solutions, at 0434 907 446 or david@environmentalcompliance.com.au

Greenstreets has a Sustainability Division to help organisations manage sustainability performance and reporting. Services include Environmental Management Systems, sustainability reporting, sustainable supply chains, energy audits and carbon footprint reports.

Offering a unique mix of consultancy, software and training, based on many years of real-world experience, Greenstreets provides cost effective, impartial and expert advice to a range of organisations.